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Outcome of the Open Data Conference 2018 in Dublin

EDP's Gianfranco Cecconi presents at the Irish Open Data Conference 2018.

On 19 November, Ireland hosted the Open Data Conference 2018 in Dublin to discuss opportunities to harness open data. The Conference addressed a range of topics such as the importance of trust in publishing and re-using open data and lessons learned from previous data initiatives.

The event had selected speakers such as Eoin McCuirc, an Assistant Principal at the Central Statistics Office, and Tim Willoughby, the Head of Digital Services at An Garda Síochána (Ireland's National Police and Security Service), to discuss data in Ireland and beyond, the need for a pragmatic approach to digital transformation and to find a balance between what kind of transformation the country wants in the future versus what is achievable with open data.

European Data Portal's (EDP) Gianfranco Cecconi attended the Conference and spoke about 'New horizons for Open Data driven transformation'. In his presentation, Gianfranco discussed the EDP's Open Data Maturity Report 2018, where Ireland is ranked first, due to their high maturity scores in the four dimensions - policy, portal, quality and impact. He concluded his presentation with recommendations on how Ireland, as an example, can continue to work on open data maturity and further increase data impact.

Share your experiences and ideas about open data in digital transformation and the Open Data Maturity Report 2018 with the EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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