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Outcome of the User meeting dates.overheid.nl

The Dutch data portal hosted the "User meeting dates-overheid.nl" to discuss Open Data in the Netherlands

On 23 November the Dutch government's data portal hosted the afternoon event "User meeting dates-overheid.nl" in The Hague. The event addressed data owners, data re-users and people interested in (open) government data from different industries, government bodies and academia.

The event was opened by Hayo Schreijer and Jelle Verburg from the Dutch government's Data portal. In their opening address, they discussed the European Data Portal's recently published Open Data Maturity in Europe Report 2018 and the Netherland's State-of-Play on Open Data in 2018. They showcased best practices of other national portal's, such as Ireland's Open Data Portal.

Throughout the afternoon, the meeting had several different workshops that discussed topics like how to use Open Data, DCAT-AP, CKAN and Open Data applications such as AgroDataCube and Waterkaart.