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A pact for an Open Government

Regional and local administrations in North Rhine-Westphalia join forces

On the Open.NRW congress which took place in Duisburg, Germany on 26 October, people from all over North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) came together to discuss Open Data. During this event, the topic was not only what had been achieved to promote Open Government but the participants also discussed the next steps for becoming fully open. The most memorable of these talks was the signing of a pact between the administration of the state and the local communities such as municipalities to jointly incorporate Open Government.

In the Open Government Pact, the various public organisations underwrite to deepen and intensify their digital collaboration. The various parties do so to let all of the public bodies better satisfy the expectations of their citizens in the provision of information, statistics and data on all areas of life. For example by making it easier for the different bodies to share information. Although it is not a legally binding pact, the declaration of intent is a clear signal that the different bodies in NRW are embracing Open Data. It is therefore expected to result in more policies of openness, transparency and participation. With the further sharing of information it becomes easier for citizens and public bodies to find each other and involve citizens in decision-making processes and allow them to participate in decision-making at all policy levels.

Already a good example of the close cooperation between this state and its municipalities is found in the decision on geospatial data. From January 1st, 2017, everyone can download the digital geospatial data of the state and municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia on the Open.NRW portal. Want to know more about the Open Data developments in NRW or what this pact will mean for you? Find out by following the link below.

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