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Personal Democracy Forum "Reconnecting Citizens"

17-18 March, 2016 in Gdansk, Poland

The Personal Democracy Forum is an annual and global event devoted to showing how technology is changing politics, government and society at large. The conference is organised in Europe (Poland) and the United States. To discuss trends in this domain, the two day conference invites representatives of NGOs, public administration, activists and journalists.

This year the theme of the conference "Reconnecting Citizens" focuses on how the internet can be used to connect citizens to the public debate. In particular, due to the abundance of information found on the internet, the organizers identify an apathy for participation with the general and public debate.

To answer the question how we can reconnect citizens, the two day event starts with a Conference day during which experts present their perspective. This is followed by a Community day with community-organised sessions on the issue. Of course Open Data will play a recurrent role in these sessions, including a presentation about the new laws on re-use or public sector information. Join the conference.

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