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Poland adopts first Open Data resolution

"Programme for the opening of public data"

To truly embed Open Data in the Polish governmental policy, the Council of Ministers recently adopted a resolution entitled "Programme for the opening of public data" (Programu otwierania danych publicznych). The Council of Ministers follows the recommendations of the Minister of Digitisation and embraces Open Data. Taking into account the estimated market value of Open Data and the potential benefits it can create for the economy and society, the programme brings forward a number of actions aimed at enhancing Open Data in Poland.

The paramount objective of the programme is to improve the quality and quantity of Open Data made available through the Polish Open Data Portal. With this ambition, the programme foresees to support innovative companies and creative industries for the improvement of economic growth. Furthermore, the release of data by public bodies is expected to lead to innovative services and applications which can improve the life of the Polish citizens. For the public sector itself, the programme aims to enhance transparency and improve the efficiency of the public administrations. The programme is also expected to support the "Plan for responsible development" (Plan na rzecz odpowiedzialnego rozwoju) aimed at improving the functioning of the government by harnessing technological developments.

The Open Data published in the frame of this programme will be distributed in a machine readable format and made accessible via an API, facilitating an easy re-use of the data by the civil and private sector. Want to know more about the latest Open Data developments in Poland? Find out more by following the link below.

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