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Recap Data Talks: JournalismAI

Listen to the Data Talk session with Mattia Peretti from Polis on JournalismAI

On Wednesday 11 November, the European Data Portal and the Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) were joined by Mattia Peretti from Polis, a think-tank of the London School of Economics, to discuss JournalismAI.

JournalismAI is a project that aims to bring journalism and artificial intelligence together, specifically addressing how the technology can benefit newsrooms and serve as a means to connect to others in the field. Mattia demonstrated how these seemingly different areas of expertise can find a common ground and – through fruitful collaboration - truly benefit each other.

The recording of this session is live on the EDP YouTube channel. As the project is still running, stay tuned for the follow-up and subscribe to the JournalismAI newsletter for more information.

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