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Recap on “Future is Data”

Polish event connecting public and private sector professionals across Europe

On November 19, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland hosted the ‘Future is Data’ conference. The event had over 25 speakers, who presented and exchanged knowledge and expertise in terms of open data and data sharing and products or services that these technologies help create.

Through panel discussions and plenary sessions, the European Commission, the European Data Portal and Support Centre for Data Sharing, Smart Dublin, and several Polish government and industry authorities discussed:

  • European Data Spaces: How to exchange data in line with European Data Strategy
  • Open data and data re-use in Poland: What are the developments?
  • High value datasets: How can businesses trigger governments to release them?
  • Open data: How does it help create smart cities?
  • Data opening and personal data protection: An opportunity or a risk?

The recordings of the sessions are currently online on the website’s homepage.

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