The recording of the EU Conference on modeling policy support is online |
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The recording of the EU Conference on modeling policy support is online

Identify common challenges in evidence-based policymaking

The conference brought together researchers and policymakers to identify common challenges and solutions when using models to support policymaking. Models are extensively used to analyse the environmental, economic, and social impacts of policies and the European Commission continuously uses them throughout their process of creating and implementing policy.

Following the EU Open Data Days, the Publications Office contributed with the session on ‘Highlights from the EU Open Data Days: how open data can support policy-making' on Friday, 26 November. It brought open data as key enabler to be integrated into models to improve evidence-based decision-making. The session highlighted the main outcomes from the EU Open Data Days explaining the potential of this valuable asset.

In this session, geofluxus, first winnning team of EU Datathon 2020 in the challenge ‘European Green Deal’ presented their work to monitor waste management across different countries, essential milestone to contribute to the circular economy. Benjamin Wiederkehr, Managing Director of Interactive Things, showed how data visualisation could be used to make better policies.

Watch the recording and discover the insights of the event and these talks!

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