Recording of the webinar “Data Demand and Re-use in the Public Sector" already available! |
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Recording of the webinar “Data Demand and Re-use in the Public Sector" already available!

The webinar introduced the topic of data re-use by public institutions and the need to measure data demand in the public sector

Following the discussion paper on “Measuring data demand within the public sector”, the data.europa academy webinar aimed to introduce the importance of open data demand and re-use in the public sector. You can now watch the recording of the session.

After an introduction of the discussion paper by Charlotte van Ooijen, associate director and researcher at the Lisbon Council, two experts from practice and academia, Frederika Welle Donker and Antonin Garrone, presented best practices of assessing data demand and reflected on the impact on open data supply in a moderated discussion session.

Frederika Welle Donker, associate professor at the Knowledge Centre Open Data, shared insights on her 2019 research for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations on open data re-use in the public sector. Furthermore, she stressed two important developments since then: First, the shift from open data as a goal to a means in the digital transformation of our society and administrations; second, the shift from data portals to data platforms, which highlights the need for (open) data ecosystems where all kinds of stakeholders – including public sector users – are involved.

Antonin Garrone, product owner for, explained how the French open data portal measures and incorporates public institutions’ data demand. He mentioned some best practices to foster data re-use in the public sector, such as supporting the exchange between stakeholders and simplifying re-users´ onboarding. Moreover, he highlighted the need for a dedicated team and constant user support to measure data demand and the establishment of clear indicators and references to quantify data usage.

Curious to learn more? You can find the recording and the slides on the data.europa academy.

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