Register now for the final session of our AI webinar series: A comprehensive look at the EU's AI Act |
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Register now for the final session of our AI webinar series: A comprehensive look at the EU's AI Act

Learn more about the regulatory approach of the European Union towards artificial intelligence and data ecosystems.

As our insightful 2024 webinar series on artificial intelligence (AI) draws to a close, we invite you to join the final session, titled "Deep dive into artificial intelligence and data ecosystems: the regulatory approach of the European Union," which is set to unfold the European Union's regulatory stance on artificial intelligence (AI). It will be held on the 2 February from 10:00 – 11:30 CET and follow a similar structure to our first two AI panel discussions.

This last session will navigate the current complex landscape where the rapid development of AI technologies is overtaking legislative advancements worldwide. In response to this fast-paced evolution, the European Union is establishing with its proposed AI Act, adopting a risk-based approach to regulation. This Act will dictate the market entry of certain AI systems based on their compliance with specific requirements, while potentially banning others deemed high-risk. This initiative, stemming from a provisional agreement reached on December 9, 2023, represents a significant stride in the realm of AI policy.

During the panel discussion, our guest speakers will dive into how the EU's proposed AI Act aims to shape the AI market, focusing on its implications for training and generated data, and the expected transparency measures. They will also examine how the AI Act's risk-based approach is anticipated to function and the checks and balances it will incorporate. Furthermore, they will discuss the timeline for the AI Act's adoption and its expected impacts in the meantime.

This session is an opportunity for data providers, users, and AI enthusiasts to gain deeper insights into the future of AI regulation. Register now to gain insights into how the EU plans to navigate the complex world of AI regulation.

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