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Release of the Geospatial Trends 2023 report

Discover new opportunities from emerging trends in the geospatial community

Central to the European Commission's agenda for innovation and progress is a firm commitment to leveraging geospatial data and harnessing Artificial Intelligence's (AI) power. The recent report, 'Geospatial Trends 2023: Opportunities for,' delves into emerging trends in the geospatial community, aiming to explore the transformative potential of geospatial trends and AI integration, reshaping the landscape of data-driven initiatives.

The report emphasises the versatile applications of geospatial data in addressing global challenges, spanning maps, satellite imagery, and location-based data. It significantly contributes to tackling environmental concerns, guiding economic strategies, and mitigating climate change impacts. Notably, it highlights the symbiotic relation between geospatial data with AI, explaining AI's role in interpreting intricate geospatial information, enabling predictive modelling, and refining decision-making processes.

In addition to the report, an online webinar brought together  stakeholders and data enthusiasts for collaborative discussions focusing on exploring the synergistic relationship between geospatial data and AI. The interactive session unveiled practical applications, encouraging innovative cross-sector collaborations. Experts underscored the transformative potential, envisioning a future empowered by data-driven initiatives.

The report spotlights the transformative role of open geospatial data, empowering citizens and fostering innovation. Open access fuels transparency, enabling informed decisions on living environments and environmental factors. This democratisation sparks innovation, aiding disaster preparedness, urban planning, and conservation efforts across various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, and transport.

We encourage you to explore the comprehensive report or revisit the webinar to grasp the transformative potential of geospatial trends and AI integration. Understanding this symbiotic relationship is pivotal in nurturing a data-driven ecosystem, propelling Europe towards innovation and sustainability.

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