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Save the date for the Data Talks: Open Data Maturity 2020 Report

The lead author of the report will join the EDP and SCDS team on Wed. 13 January at 11:00 CET

Next week on Wednesday 13 January 2021 at 11:00 CET,  the European Data Portal and Support Centre for Data Sharing will host Data Talks on the “Open Data Maturity 2020 Report” to discuss its methodology, results and implications. On 16 December 2020, the EDP team published their sixth benchmark study: “Open Data Maturity 2020 Report”. This annual report assesses the level of open data maturity across Europe and shows the progress achieved by European countries in the promotion of open data publication and re-use.

The assessment conducted in the study measures maturity within four open data dimensions: policy, impact, portal, and quality. Looking at the overall 2020 findings, it appears that Europe is well on track in meeting its goals in terms of open data and publishing data for re-use. Most countries show great improvement in terms of maturity seeing as this years’ scores have increased across all dimensions.

Laura van Knippenberg, the lead researcher and author of the report, states on this year’s results that: “The clear peak in open data maturity performance highlights the efforts of European countries towards more citizen-centric approaches in their open data practices and by engaging with communities of open data re-users, Europe develops a better understanding of the significant impact that can be achieved.”

Save the date and join the EDP and SCDS team’s Data Talks session on 13 January at 11:00 CET where Laura will discuss the Open Data Maturity Report, its methodology, results, and implications.

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