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Save the date: EU DataViz 2019

Join the EU DataViz 2019 on 12 November in Luxembourg

Are you a data visualisation enthusiast? Save the date and join the EU DataViz 2019! The EU DataViz 2019 is an international conference taking place on 12 November 2019 in Luxembourg, organised by the Publications Office of the European Union. The event addresses the specific needs of the community engaged in data visualisation for the public sector in Europe and brings together experts, practitioners, and solution seekers from across the EU.

EU DataViz 2019 is looking for speakers and exhibitors interested in sharing their experience, knowledge or successful project in the field of data visualisation. The conference will cover different aspects such as data visualisation for communication purposes, data exploration, as well as tools and best practices. The conference programme will feature inspirational plenary speeches, parallel workshops and thematic sessions, and an exhibition of stands and posters. In addition, EU DataViz 2019 will be attended by more than 350 participants dealing with data visualisation for public administrations, namely: staff of EU and national public administrations, researchers and academia, professionals in data visualisation, data journalists and graphic designers. The call for contributions to be a speaker or exhibitor is open until 16 June 2019.

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