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Securing Health Rights: World Health Day 2024 and the open data initiative

'My Health, My Right'—championing accessible healthcare for all

Today we celebrate the World Health Day 2024, a powerful reminder of the of the importance of public well-being and the challenges it faces worldwide. From emerging diseases and environmental disasters to the devastating impacts of conflicts, the basic right to health faces escalating threats. 

Amidst growing global health concerns, the severity of the situation is highlighted by alarming statistics: every five seconds, someone dies due to indoor or outdoor air pollution caused by the continuous burning of fossil fuels. Despite health being acknowledged as a fundamental human right in the constitutions of many countries, numerous people still struggle to access essential healthcare services. 

In light of these complex challenges, this year the theme for World Health Day 2024 is 'My health, my right'. This powerful message reaffirms the universal rights of individuals to access high-quality healthcare, education, and information. It also calls for essential necessities such as safe drinking water, clean air, nutritious food, decent housing, fair working conditions, and an environment free from discrimination.

Open data stands out as a valuable resource to advance the goals of World Health Day 2024. Through platforms like essential health data is readily accessible, empowering people to make conscious decisions and enabling communities to actively manage their health. By ensuring accessibility to health data for everyone, open data play a significant role in promoting health equity and overall well-being. With a vast collection of 25,000 datasets covering various health-related topics, serves as a valuable resource to raise awareness and engagement on World Health Day 2024.  

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