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Sharing a bite of agricultural data

Digesting a vast amount of agricultural data to improve our food supply

Nourishing our ever growing global population remains one of today's most important challenges. Open Data can secure our food supply, according to Dr. Panagiotis Zervas (senior project manager at Agroknow and EU commissioned project AGINFRA PLUS).

In an interview with Horizon Magazine, Zervas advocates that Open Data is leading us to a more sustainable, secure and safe food system. Researchers, governments and businesses are able to improve the performance of yields by sharing, re-using and experimenting with relevant data. For example, opening up data on how different commodities are being produced or how different plants are grown, fosters efficient food production.

Looking for the latest agricultural data? Find more than 14.000 datasets related to agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food in the designated category of the European Data Portal.

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