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Sign up for the data.europa academy webinar ‘Data Spaces: Experiences from strategic data spaces’

Join our webinar to learn more about the requirements and state of play of various strategic data spaces

On Friday, 15 September 2023 from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, the data.europa academy will host the webinar ‘Data spaces: Experiences from strategic data spaces’. With the aim of harnessing the value of data for the benefit of the European economy and society, the Commission is actively supporting the development of common European data spaces in 10 strategic fields as outlined in the European data strategy. This second webinar in the data spaces series will present the state of play and requirements of various strategic data spaces.

The first webinar Data spaces: Introducing the concept and relevance in today’s world’ took place on 12 May and introduced the concept of data spaces and the policy and legal framework behind it. It also provided an initial overview of the different data spaces developed in strategic fields, the technical aspects and the benefits and challenges of implementing them.

During the upcoming session, experts on specific sectorial data spaces will delve deeper into these strategic data spaces. They will shed light on how these spaces contribute to the European data strategy and provide insights into the future of these data spaces. The session will also include a discussion on the similarities and differences between the common European data spaces under the various strategic fields. Finally, it will conclude with a Q&A session offering attendees the opportunity to ask questions to the representatives of the strategic data spaces.

Are you interested in learning more about specific sectorial data spaces and further understand their state of play? Click on the link to register to the webinar.

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