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Sign up for the data.europa academy webinar ‘Open Data Maturity 2022: Diving deeper into the impact dimension’

Join our fifth and final webinar on Open Data Maturity report 2022 to learn more about the impact dimension and get inspired by best practices across Europe

On Friday 27 October 2023 from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, the data.europa academy will host a webinar focusing on the impact dimension following the Open Data Maturity (ODM) report 2022. This is the fifth and final webinar in a series of webinars on the ODM report 2022. The first webinar, that took place on 10 February 2023, introduced the Open Data Maturity assessment, provided insights into the level of maturity of the 35 participating countries in Europe and presented the main trends. During this webinar, the four dimensions of ODM were introduced: quality, portal, policy and impact.  

The second webinar in the ‘Open Data Maturity 2022’ series, which took place on 18 April 2023, focused on the ‘quality’ dimension, highlighting the measuring and monitoring mechanisms to ensure quality of data and metadata. The third webinar in the series, held on 14 July 2023, focused on the ‘portal’ dimension, highlighting portal features, portal usage, data provision, and portal sustainability. The fourth webinar, held on 29 September, focused on the ‘policy’ dimension, considering the open data policies and strategies in place in the EU countries, the national governance models to manage open data and the measures applied to implement those policies and strategies.

The upcoming fifth and final webinar in the series will highlight the impact dimension. Experiences on countries’ willingness, preparedness, and ability to measure both reuse and the impact created through this reuse will be shared. Furthermore, this webinar will showcase best practices demonstrating the various ways to improve in this dimension, including features such as strategic awareness, measuring reuse, and assessing created impact on governmental, social, environmental, and economic levels.  

The webinar will start with a brief introduction to ODM 2022, followed by a deep dive into the impact dimension and its key indicators. Following this, countries that performed particularly well in the 2022 ODM impact dimension will provide insights and share their best practices. After the presentations, a discussion on the relevance of open data impact will take place, addressing how to ensure steady improvement in this dimension when implementing open data at the national level. The webinar will end with a Q&A session. 

Would you like to discover more about the ODM impact dimension and gain insights from top-scoring countries? Click here to register for the webinar.  

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