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Sign up for the data.europa academy webinar on ‘Stories of use cases: Open data for the European Green Deal’

Join us to learn more about the impact of open data and its contribution to major global priorities!

A webinar on the impact of open data in innovative businesses contributing to major global priorities will be organised by data.europa academy on Friday 17 March at 10:00 to 11:30 CET. This is the first in a series of “Stories of use cases” webinars to better understand the potential of open data in achieving transversal strategic priorities. Based on the European Commission political priorities, the series will shed light on topics such as the European Green Deal, Promoting our European Way of Life, A Europe Fit for a Digital Age, An economy that works for people and a New Push for European Democracy

This first webinar will focus on the European Green Deal by presenting 3 open data driven initiatives that enable the green transition and respond to environmental challenges in Europe. The identified use cases were gathered from the , the EU Datathon, and the . These use cases can help grasp the potential of open data and better inform citizens, fight disinformation, contribute to the green and digital transition.

The webinar starts with an introduction of the European Green Deal and presentations from use case representatives on their experiences and insights regarding the role of open data and the European Green Deal. These presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion where participants can identify barriers on the green transition and explore ways in which citizens, developers, academia, and representatives from the public and private sector can further support a smoother green transition.

Are you interested in participating? All open data enthusiasts are welcome to register here.

For more information about this webinar and upcoming ones in the series, visit data.europa academy.

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