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Think20 policy brief on Open Government Data

Discover how Open Government Data can help address policy issues and accelerate progress towards Sustainable Development Goals

The recently published policy brief by Think20, titledOpen Data as Backbone of Digital Public Infrastructure: Prioritising High-Value Datasets for Effective Governance’ proposes a shared G20 Open Government Data (OGD) commitment to further improve the Digital Public Infrastructure. Based on empirical evidence and legislations, the brief lays down an action plan for the implementation of this shared commitment.

Think20 is an official Engagement Group of the G20 bringing together think tanks and experts to discuss policy issues. Open Government Data (OGD) is vital for improving the Digital Public Infrastructure and helping countries prioritise economic growth, climate action and accelerate progress towards Sustainable Development Goals. However, according to Think20 the spread OGD is inadequate, there is a lack of bulk data provision, limited progress on digital inclusion, a lack of data capability and staff capacity and critical government datasets lack good quality.

To address these challenges, Think20 proposes an action plan to create a shared ODG commitment among the G20 countries. The action plan includes the following:

  • Adopting a comprehensive regulatory framework
  • Prioritising 10 Sectors for proactively publishing High-Value Datasets
  • Setting-up open data collaboratives to reach vulnerable populations
  • Enhancing national and sub-national data capabilities

Open Government Data has the potential to advance the Digital Public Infrastructure, if we harmonise our efforts. For a more detailed description of the challenges and an action plan to address them, you can read the full policy brief here.

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