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Today is the European Day of Languages

Discover how you can enhance your linguistic diversity and celebrate lifelong language learning

Today is the European Day of Languages, a day dedicated to celebrating plurilingualism and promoting language learning throughout Europe. This initiative is rooted in the Council of Europe’s conviction that linguistic diversity serves as a powerful tool for achieving greater intercultural understanding and preserving Europe’s cultural heritage.

Europe possesses a wide range of languages, with over 200 European languages spoken by citizens from different regions. The European Day of Languages has been celebrated since 2001 to address the importance of linguistic diversity, encourage the appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity within Europe, foster mutual understanding and promote lifelong language learning both in and outside the classroom.

Numerous apps have been created to support lifelong language learning. For instance, Speakly, a language learning app, teaches words and sentences based on real-life relevance. It understands which words require more repetition and when to reinforce your learning. Another example is Drops, a game-based language learning app that guides you through 120-word categories with 5-minute daily sessions. The platform offers games for over 45 languages and has been developed based on years of research to make language learning more effective and easier.

Are you interested in learning more about European languages and exploring their linguistic diversity using open data available on Explore the datasets on our portal.

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