Today is World Food Day 2023! |
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Today is World Food Day 2023!

Discover how open data can help improve our food systems

World Food Day is a yearly worldwide event to promote awareness and mobilise efforts to combat hunger and malnutrition on a global scale. It is a recurring reminder of the imperative to guarantee food security and access to nutritious food for everyone. This dedicated day presents an occasion for the international community to unite and strive collectively toward a world without hunger.

On this World Food Day, we would like to highlight some open data use cases which can help improve our food systems. An example of this can be found in the use case of Dataseeds. The company introduced an app designed to grant SMEs in agriculture direct access to information, to help them become part of the EU's industrial green restructuring. They use open datasets to assist SMEs in managing and complying with the European Green Deal requirements and to better control and reduce their operational flows.

Another example of how open data can be used in the quest for new solutions in global food systems is the Food Loss and Waste Database. This database is the largest online collection of data on food loss and food waste. It can help identify where and why food is being wasted in the supply chain, possibly enabling more efficient resource allocation and reducing hunger by redirecting surplus food to those in need.

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