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Recap on the Data Talks webinar with Mart Mägi from Statistics Estonia

Last week, the Support Centre for Data Sharing and the team behind the European Data Portal were joined by Mart Mägi from Statistics Estonia discussing the Tree of Truth.

Statistics Estonia is the governmental agency that provides reliable, timely, and impartial information about the country, and is a collaboration of the national administration and the Ministry of Finance. Mart Mägi has been the Director General there as of 2017 and presented Tree of Truth, the strategic monitoring tool developed by Statistics Estonia.

The tool operates as a dashboard for monitoring how well the country is doing in terms of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the national strategic plan up to 2035, and the government action plan for the next four years. Visualised as a tree, where each leaf represents an indicator, the tool provides statistics on topics such as economy, environment, health or public safety, to name a few.

Going forward, Mart expects the tool to widen the information with providing links between indicators, e.g. an overall increase in GDP can affect an indicator like income per capita. In addition, Statistics Estonia aims to show how indicators are created, i.e. which statistics are used to calculate a given number.

Curious to learn more? Have a look at the recording of the session.

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