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United Kingdom releases a new Digital Strategy

Data at the heart of new strategy

The United Kingdom government recognises data as the lifeblood of their digital economy with the adoption of their new Digital Strategy. It was published in the beginning of March 2017, and reiterates the Government's commitment to Open Data and to making as much of it as possible available through APIs. It reflects the Government's forecast that data will benefit the United Kingdom's economy by up to €279 billion between 2015-2020.

The new strategy sets out some measures to unlock the power of data in the UK economy and improve public confidence in its use. It also underlines the ambition to open up more data. The strategy states that the UK is the world leader if it comes to Open Data, and the government is committed to building on this, being open by default. It is the ambition to ensure data is open and shared wherever appropriate. The government also plans to appoint a government chief data officer, and create registers of core government reference data to encourage its re-use.

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