The United Kingdom's Land Registry opens up |
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The United Kingdom's Land Registry opens up

Land Registry commits to autumn Open Data expansion

Serving as a department that records property owners in England and Wales, the Land Registry is committed to releasing two datasets related to commercial and corporate ownership as Open Data by autumn 2017. Further datasets could then follow.

The organisation is also looking to set out a new five year strategy with a focus on digital and data reforms. Last year's Autumn Statement committed to modernise the Land Registry in order to maximise its value to the UK economy without the need for significant Treasury investment. Expansion of its Open Data commitments is expected to be part of these ongoing aims.

The commitments have been made after the government opted to keep the Land Registry as a public sector body following a consultation looking at potential models for its privatisation. After pledging to keep the non-ministerial department in the public sector, the organisation is now looking at further commitments to expand Open Data, while also undertaking a consultation focused on developing digital alternatives for registration and conveyancing services.

Open for responses until April 5, the consultation will focus on proposals including linking Land Registry services with the GOV.UK Verify identity assurance platform, while also committing to building and sharing application programming interfaces (APIs).