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University of South Hampton Data Search Study

The University of South Hampton conducts a research on the use of the European Data Portal and would like to interview volunteers!

This ‘Data Search Study’ of the University of South Hampton aims at understanding how people search for data on the web and specifically on the European Data Portal. This study aims to improve our understanding of the way people interact and engage with data when searching for it. The researchers want to understand how people find data, how they understand and assess data, and how to improve the experience of the user. Therefore, the researchers are looking to interview people from a variety of backgrounds, domains, and with different levels of expertise.

If you would like to volunteer in this study, you can contact Laura Koesten to arrange an online meeting to discuss how you search for data. You don’t have to answer any questions you are not comfortable with. This conversation will be recorded and transcribed into text, after which the recording will be deleted.

The data of participants will be fully anonymised. Only researchers involved in this study will be able to access this data. If you want to participate or have any questions about this study, or our work more generally, please email Laura Koesten.

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