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Unlock your data’s potential with our new Data Visualisation Guide

Free online resource to master data visualisation

In the digital era, data visualisation plays a vital role. Making data easier to understand for the human brain, visualisation helps pull insights and convey complex messages. It can be important in almost any profession and context; from marketing analytics, through policymaking to climate research. Yet there are not many comprehensive, free resources to learn how to make impactful data visualisations. 

That’s why we created the interactive Data Visualisation Guide. Made up of seven chapters, it covers a variety of topics related to data visualisation, such as design principles, storytelling, chart types and accessibility. 

Freely available, the guide is suitable for beginners as well as experienced data visualisation creators. The chapters are ordered in growing complexity, but they are independent learning resources. You can pick and choose the topics of interest, instead of following the guide chapter by chapter. Plus, you can easily navigate the guide by using the numerous links within the chapters.  

The guide uses a mix of media, making it engaging and easy to follow. It provides real world examples of data visualisations in the form of images, as well as interactive charts, videos and other interactive features. 

The content of the guide is based on a data visualisation training programme for EU institutions and agencies' staff, organised in 2019 and 2022. It has been enriched with academic insights and references on data visualisation. The guide was created by the Publications Office of the European Union in collaboration with data visualisation expert Maarten Lambrechts. 

If you use the guide, we would love to hear your feedback. Send us an email to share your comments or suggestions.

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