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Welcoming the new Spanish presidency in the Council of the European Union

Discover the plans and priorities of the new Spanish presidency

Every six months, a Member State takes over the presidency of the Council of the European Union. On 1 July 2023, Spain assumed this role for the fifth time in history. Prior to Spain, Sweden held the presidency for the first half of 2023.

The goal of the presidency is for the 27 Member States to work together and achieve the best possible results for Europe and its citizens. During the council meetings, the role of the presidency is that of a mediator. In this manner, it facilitates commitments and agreements between Member States. Each presidency sets up its own programme and events to reach its priorities.

The main priorities of the newly inaugurated Spanish presidency are the following:

  • Reindustrialise the EU and ensure its open strategic autonomy
  • Advance in the green transition and the environmental adaptation
  • Promote greater social and economic justice
  • Strengthen European unity

Spain has started this journey with ambition and determination to improve the lives of EU citizens. They aim to do so by promoting the reindustrialisation and digitalisation of Europe. Similarly, the presidency wants to prioritise decisive progress in the ecological transition and make the economy more prosperous but also fairer.

In the upcoming sixth months, Spain will have the opportunity to chair the Council meetings, determine the agenda, develop a work programme and facilitate the dialogue between the Council meetings and other EU institutions. In the next months, Spain is committed to making Europe an area of certainties again, where material welfare, freedom and democracy pave the way for the future of all people.

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