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What can Open Data do to improve Transport & Mobility?

Join our webinar on 8 February

The benefits of Open Data are diverse and range from improved efficiency of public administrations and economic growth in the private sector to wider social welfare. But how can Open Data be transformed into economic value? And what are the concrete benefits for individual organisations of working with Open Data?

In its second webinar taking place on 8 February, the European Data Portal will explain how Open Data can be used in the Transport & Mobility domain. The webinar will demonstrate how individual companies can reap the benefits of Open Data, the challenges they face and how they overcome these challenges. Among others, Lars Nieuwenhoff from GoOV and Lorenzo Modena from OpenMove will present how they benefit from the use of Open Data.

The webinar takes place on 8 February, 4PM CET - 5PM CET. It is interactive and presents real life examples. Interested to discover what Open Data has to offer you? Make sure you do not miss out, and register to our webinar in advance. The webinar will welcome up to 100 participants

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