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What's happening in Italy after the 2016 earthquake?

Data of Terremoto Centro Italia on the Tuscan portal

In 2016 Italy was struck by a number of earthquakes in the centre of the country. These earthquakes caused many causalities and considerable damage to various towns and cities. To share information on the aftermath of these terrible events and check on general seismic activities in the region, Terremoto Centro Italia brings together all available information. This information ranges from housing offered to the victims of the earthquake in 2016 to a map with the current seismic activity in the region.

The website is run by a non-profit organisation, composed entirely of volunteers. To give the website and the news on it a bigger stage, the Open Data Portal of the Tuscan region decided to publish this data as well. Considering the Tuscan Open Data portal normally only publishes data from public administrations, this collaboration is a nice example how also civil initiatives and institutions can work together to create new synergies.

Do you want to explore the data of Terremoto Centro Italia yourself or share these interesting data sets with others? Take a look at their website or get their data from the Regional Open Data portal and directly explore what else is available on this portal.

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