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What's your Open Data story?

Evaluation of the Greek pilot 'Your Data Stories'

Within the frame of the H2020 research project 'YourDataStories' a focus group evaluation was organised in Athens at the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction. This European research project is developing a platform where Open Data can be presented in a clear and simple way to better satisfy the need of citizens, journalists and others. To explore the different ways to accomplish this, the project runs three pilots of which one follows the trail of public money in Greece. The project implements an electronic platform, specially designed to create data stories of the public expenditures to enhance transparency and clarity.

Both public and private sector participants were invited to the workshop to hear how the Greek pilot was progressing and to grasp a first look at the new platform. As the invitees are prospective users of the platform, their input was valuable for the successful continuation of the project. They were then given the possibility to discuss the developments with the project members, and make proposals on how to improve the platform and cooperation.