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Why Sweden advocates for CC0

Open Data without restrictions

Correctly licensing datasets ensures that Open Data is indeed fully open. In an interview with the National Open Data Portal of Sweden, Bobo Tideström explains the importance of publishing Open Data without any restrictions. He is a business developer at the Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority.

Tideström believes that using the Creative Commons CC0 licence tag is beneficial, as it indicates that the data is free to use, modify and share without any restrictions. Instead of using multiple licences, all Open Data from the Lantmäteriet is now compatible with the 'no rights reserved' Creative Commons CC0. Most importantly according to Tideström, the harmonisation of licences enables users to make the most out of the Open Data available online.

Want to know more about different Open Data licences, their meaning and advantages? Take a look at the Licensing Assistant of the European Data Portal.

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