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YODA: Find public services’ datasets on data.europa.eu

Your Open DAta (YODA) collects datasets of common interest for European citizens to create a personalised dashboard

Your Open DAta (YODA), a service supported by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union, provides access to public services datasets associated with urban space, services or public buildings, such as weather or air quality. The datasets are collected from data.europa.eu and additional sources integrated in the Action, UPM Smart Campus CEI Moncloa, Málaga Smart City, Smart Santander and AEMET (Spanish Meteorological Agency).

The service allows for the creation of a personalised dashboard which provides insights into useful day-to-day information, including real time data on mobility, traffic, and the weather. This service can be used for the development of smart city applications to make decisions based on big data and improve the operations of cities.

In addition to the personalised dashboard, a data processing infrastructure based on real time and machine learning processing is deployed to provide results and predictions for the service. This allows YODA to focus on real and practical issues and update their datasets frequently. The data processing infrastructure provides a security framework to facilitate the sharing and processing of public open data through the data.europa.eu portal.

Through a variety of public service datasets and the possibility to create a personalised dashboard, YODA aims to solve difficulties and create useful applications for a better environment, economy and society.

Looking for YODA datasets? Find more than 200 of their datasets on data.europa.eu!

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