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Which country transports most goods via rail?

Germany is the European country that transports most goods via rail

Specific regions in countries produce specific goods. Goods which are transported to other regions or countries. How much of these goods are transported via rail? And which country could benefit from transporting more via rail?

Germany is the top country in rail transport among the EU28+ countries (European Union member states plus Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland). Poland and France are following, be it at an appropriate distance of Germany. The trends of amount of goods transported via rail during the last 10 years are visualised. Note that most of the data from 2015 is not yet available. The goods are given in the entity million tonne-km, where a tonne-km is defined as one tonne of goods is transported by rail over a distance of one kilometer.

Freight map

It looks like that the smaller countries transport less by rail compared to larger countries. This could be explained that for short distances, other forms of transport are cheaper. Overall it can be noticed that in 2010 the amount of goods transport by rail increased among most of the countries

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