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  • Economy & Finance

Offene VergabenPDF

Offene Vergaben, a civil society project of the Austrian Freedom of Information Forum, makes public contracts of €50 000 or more traceable and opens up data about procurement procedures. The website’s goal is to make citizens more knowledgeable and aware of how public funds are used.
  • Population & Society

Sag's WienPDF

Sag’s Wien (Say it Vienna) is an application developed for citizens to report on problems, including potholes, road damage, traffic lights malfunctions, waste or pollution, throughout the city directly to the city administration. This enables a dialogue between the public and the government and makes the city more mobile, personal and connected.
  • Population & Society

Surviving in BrusselsPDF

Surviving in Brussels is a website for the homeless and people who need access to services such as medical aid, shelter, job postings, legal help or financial advice. The website also provides basic information, including shower and bathroom locations, places to eat or drink and emergency information. This information is provided through the website and is shown on smart billboards throughout the city.
  • Environment


InfluencAir is a tool to visualise air quality around Brussels and an initiative to raise awareness about air pollution by measuring and mapping air pollution levels through the development and assembly of air quality sensors. The rationale behind the initiative is that air pollution can pose a serious risk to health. InfluencAir has built, and continues to, connect air quality sensors measure particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10).
  • Regions & Cities


iSofMap is a website that visualises cadastral and spatial information and provides access to real estate data of the municipality of Sofia. The website also offers the possibility to contact various real estate services directly to make inquiries.
  • Environment


MeteoStats is a product of the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology and contains data from as early as 1880 onwards. An example of a MeteoStats initiative is MeteoSwiss, a service that provides visualisation of various types of weather and climate data. The website shows historical trends for measures like temperature and the various types of precipitation.
  • Population & Society

Cyprus GuidePDF

The Cyprus Guide is designed to grant refugees and asylum applicants access to services that facilitate their integration into society and help them navigate their way in the local labour market. The website aims to ensure participation of migrants in the economy and culture by offering support and guidance. As Cyprus has an increasing migrant stream and migrants find it difficult to obtain the information they need, this application tackles a major problem.
  • Government & Public Sector

Election CalculatorPDF

The election calculator is a tool designed to help citizens compare their personal political views to those of political parties and individuals (e.g. legislators or election candidates) to see how well they align, and subsequently, to help cast their vote. The tool consists of two parts: A voting inventory that compares citizens’ answers with real votes in the legislature from a previous election; and An opinion test which matches citizens’ answers to the answers provided by the political parties or candidates.
  • Government & Public Sector


Oparl is a website interface that offers access to the parliamentary information systems in Germany and is useful for citizens, municipalities, developers and RIS manufacturers. The project aims to create a standard API that allows access to public data currently stored in municipal council information systems thereby promoting the openness of parliamentary systems and public data of the German council.
  • Environment

Giess den KiezPDF

Giess den Kiez (Pour the Neighborhood) is a Berlin-centred platform that aims to tackle the issue of arid and hot summers causing trees to dry and suffer long-term damage by encouraging citizens to adopt a tree and water it. The project is a coordinated effort to irrigate urban areas and enable citizen participation. On a map overview, dots represent trees, and a color-coding scheme indicates their water requirements.