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  • Noticias19 Julio 2024

Save the Date for EU Open Data Days 2025!

From data to impact – shaping the digital age The dynamic field of open data is changing the way in which we understand, engage with, and shape our world. From fostering transparency and...



Get access to your open data learning hub.

Data stories

Explore inspiring stories about open data and related topics.


Stay informed about developments on open data.

Open data maturity

Get insights on the evolution of European countries’ open data maturity.

'Data in Publications' guide

Get practical help with all of the data-related aspects of your publications, from writing about data to visualising and publishing it.

Data Visualisation Guide

Learn how to use data visualisation in the best way possible for your publications and presentations.

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Eventos sobre datos abiertos

EGOV 2024

  • Ghent, Leuven, Belgium