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Alim'confiance: a French service using sanitation and geo-data

Alim'confiance uses geodata and insights from sanitation inspection reports to inform users on the sanitation level of different food establishments in France

Alim'confiance is a French service that enables users to find information on sanitation levels in the food chains in France. The application shows four levels of hygiene: excellent, satisfactory, needs improvement and needs urgent attention. This classification is based on information in sanitation inspection reports on the hygiene level of different restaurants. Moreover, Alim'confiance provides information on the level of sanitary control during the food production and transportation period and in different slaughterhouses within France. These findings are added onto the service after every sanitation inspection report is released and remains visible for one year after publication.

In addition to the sanitation inspection reports, Alim'confiance uses French national and local geodata to identify different food shops such as bakeries and restaurant locations. These locations are then visualised on a map in the application with the information on the establishments' sanitation level.

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