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Barcelona enhances the ethical Smart City

Anonymous by design, use of open-source software and an e-participation platform

The debate about ethical use of data in smart cities is getting louder. However, just a few pioneers are acting on it yet, implementing strategies and measures to address the challenges around data protection, anonymisation and data ownership. As reported before on the European Data Portal, the recently published report from Nesta, as part of the involvement with an EU Horizon 2020 project, investigated and showcased existing efforts from pioneers in the field, such as Barcelona.

Barcelona Digital City launched a new digital transformation strategy with Francesca Bria, CTIO of Barcelona Digital City. A new procurement process, directives and incentives advocate and demand ethical and responsible use of data and respect of privacy. The city itself acts as a role model and migrates to open-source software by spring next year. Additionally, they answer the call for anonymous by design on their e-participation platform, piloting new online tools and services. Watch Francesca Bria on YouTube elaborate on the Barcelona Digital City plans.

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