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Boost your data visualisation skills

A practical guide for data visualisation

Searching for the story hidden in the data? Often, visualisations help to express the patterns, structures and messages to be found in the large amount of numbers. Understanding the structure and logic of datasets is key for creating convincing data visualisations. The national Open Data portal of Spain recently shared a publication on how to visualise Open Data effectively.

The publication provides useful examples on how to analyse and 'exploit' the high volumes of data available in order to transform this data into knowledge. It draws attention on the need to increase the usability of data to enhance re-use and consumption by the end user. In this context, data visualisation tools have become the most demanded exploitation mechanisms.

The handbook "Data visualization: definition, technologies and tools", developed by the Iniciativa Aporta, provides an in-depth description of various visualisation technologies as well as the relevant standards. At the same time, the handbook offers the reader a comprehensive overview of existing visualisation platforms, and explores easy-to-use applications for the construction of dashboards and interactive visualisations. The report also includes a set of real-life examples developed with applications (e.g. Tableau Soft, Qlik and Tabulae), from public sector and independent entities, both national and international.

Interested in finding out more? Check out their recommendations, visualisation examples and tools to improve your visualisation skills.

Furthermore, did your visualisation efforts lead to an interesting use case? Tell us your story!

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