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CarBrain: Make every car a smart car

CarBrain uses geodata and artificial intelligence to lower the number of traffic accidents

CarBrain comprises a website and applications to make every car a smart car. The service is based in the Italian tech start-up hub Milan and receives government funding. CarBrain develops stand-alone devices for cars based on two different systems, namely the Deep Advanced Vision Integrated Systems and the Voice Interface Natural Computing Environment. The first system uses computer vision to power automated object recognition, object tracking, and vision analytics with the aim of reducing road traffic accidents. The second system transforms your voice interactions with responsive outcomes, which takes out the need of touching your phone. A possible future application of this technology is in the (Italian) public transport system.

Open data on geographical location, infrastructure, road works and traffic are used in the Deep Advanced Vision Integrated Systems of CarBrain. The system uses camera-enabled applications and artificial intelligence to offer object recognition, object tracking and vision analytics (for example, roadblocks, and moving cars).

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