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EU Datathon 2022 teams behind the apps: Meet Green Land Dashboard for Cities

Exploring the evolution of green areas to make cities more liveable

‘The teams behind the apps’ is a series of videos made by the EU Datathon finalists. Get to know this year’s teams and their apps over 12 episodes, twice per week, in the run-up to the competition finals. On 20 October, the teams will pitch their apps to the jury that will select the winners. The audience will also have a chance to support their favourite team in the Public Choice Award vote. Register now to follow the finals online! 


With the temperature rising and cities growing bigger, green spaces are crucial for our well-being. Competing in the ‘European Green Deal’ challenge, Green Land Dashboard for Cities analyses and visualises the evolution of green areas to support cities, regional governments and non-governmental organisations in making cities more liveable and sustainable. Representing the team behind this app, Lorenzo Sanna and Andrea Cruciani joined us for a short interview in which we talked about the app, why they decided to participate in the EU Datathon and what makes their app special. 


How did you come up with the idea for this app?

The Green Land Dashboard for Cities results from an idea generated within WiseTown, during a creative phase of identifying new city tools to support decision-makers in creating a more liveable, green and sustainable urban environment. We wanted to develop a solution capable of enhancing the open data generated by institutions: this involved the ability to aggregate, organise and report data in the form of processed information for meaningful strategic choices. That led us to the creation of the Green Land Dashboard for Cities, taking the monitoring of green areas in the city as a reference point. Properly managing city green areas is the best way to improve people’s serenity and helps mitigate the increasingly high temperatures in our cities. 


Why did you decide to take part in the EU Datathon?  

At WiseTown, we believe technological innovation is the only genuinely impactful way to transform our cities, making them inclusive, sustainable, safe and citizen-friendly places. That’s why we understand the importance of data and why we strongly believe in empowering open data. The EU Datathon initiative, in particular challenge number 1, ‘A European Green Deal’, has two fundamental elements for the development of our new solutions: the focus on sustainability and the use of open data. In addition, we were already familiar with the initiative and were highly stimulated by the idea of competing with other top international digital innovators on such an important stage. Today we can only be proud to have been selected as Datathon finalists. 


What makes your app special?

The Green Land Dashboard for Cities is available in the cloud and can be easily activated by any European city that wants to use open data as a tool for a conscious decision-making process. Through the app, it is possible to generate aggregated information from different sources such as open data, satellite data and statistical data – and then visualise it on a map. We are happy to have developed a tool that addresses the need to optimise resources and makes the administration of European cities more efficient.


To find out more about the Green Land Dashboard for Cities team, watch this 1-minute video. 

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