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The Eurostat regional yearbook 2021 is out!

The publication provides statistics for regions of the EU

The Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2021 is out, which provides statistics on the people, economy, and environment for regions of the EU. Statistical information is an important tool for understanding and quantifying the impact of political decisions in a specific territory or region of the EU Member States, EFTA countries, and candidate countries.  

The yearbook provides a detailed statistical overview on topics such as population, health, education, economy, tourism, and environment. Each chapter presents information in the form of maps, figures, and infographics, accompanied by a descriptive analysis highlighting the main findings.

The publication is a good starting point for evaluating current developments, such as the pandemic. The report provides a set of data including mortality and excess deaths, educational attainment, and the transition from education to work, labour force developments, and how people made use of the internet to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on our society.

Curious to see how your region is doing or explore other regions of the EU? Download the Eurostat Regional Yearbook 2021 for free!

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