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New Open Licence in France

France strengthens legal framework

The successive adoption of new laws in France, relating to the re-use of Public Sector Information, the Bill for a digital Republic and the Code describing the relationship between public administrations and citizens and businesses has changed the legal framework for the re-use of Open Data. These developments triggered the need for a new Open Licence.

For publishers of Open Data, it is important to apply a licence to the data they are publishing. Without a licence, data is not truly open. A licence tells anyone how to access, use and share the data. Unless there is a licence, data may be 'publicly available', but users will not have permission to access, use and share it under copyright or database laws.

The new French licence maintains the main characteristics of the Open Licence developed in 2011, and it now also takes into account the re-use of public information containing personal data. By default, the new Open Licence will apply to all Open Data published by public administrations.

Read everything about this new French licence here, and more information about the recent Bill for a digital Republic can be found here.