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News from the Open Data Portals of the EU member states

Spain is focusing on education to leverage the potential of Data

Spotted on the Spanish Open Data Portal

"Data is one of the main forces that move our economic and social environment. The data allow us to make better decisions at the right time and place, make predictions about how a market will change or know the impact of the last measures. Therefore, more and more companies and organizations seek to develop a strategy based on data, but they find a problem: they need professionals who know how to capture, integrate, analyse and extract value from different sources of information, both public and private.

The shortage of talent is one of the main challenges that organizations have to face when talking about data management and analysis. As the report Generation of Big Data talent in Spain, carried out by the Fundación Cotec para la Innovación, already indicated, there is a growing demand for professionals specialized in fields such as big data, data science or data architecture, among others. In addition, organizations need professionals who know open data environment. The main solution to this challenge lies in education."

This is why Spanish universities increase their offer of Open Data majors.

Read the whole article on the Spanish Open Data Portal.

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