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Shaping Europe's digital future: Interoperability and open data

Driving innovation, efficiency, and growth

The European Commission (EC) is championing the digital transformation as a cornerstone for Europe's future, aiming to leverage digital technology for the benefit of both citizens and businesses. As part of its digital strategy, the EC is prioritising interoperability and open data to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in the digital age. Envisioning a Digital Decade, the EC is determined to bolster Europe’s digital sovereignty and sets standards to lead in the global digital landscape. Emphasising the pivotal role of data, technology, and infrastructure, it aims to shape a Europe fit for the digital age, with interoperability and open data at its core.

Interoperability is crucial for eGovernment and businesses in the digital age, enabling seamless communication and data exchange across different systems and devices. This fosters efficiency and innovation by integrating diverse technologies, reduces costs, broadens reach, and facilitates collaboration. Moreover, interoperability ensures compliance with regulations and data privacy requirements, bolstering trust and security in the digital ecosystem.

In Europe’s Digital Age data interoperability is paramount for driving both digital and economic development. Open data, when interoperable, allows users to access and reuse data, fostering the creation of applications and services that bring value to society, and aiding policy evaluation. By promoting interoperability and data reuse, the EC aims to foster innovation and unlock the full potential of the data economy.

As Europe is navigating its Digital Decade, the EC's focus on interoperability and open data underscores its commitment to shaping a digital future that benefits all. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and transparency, Europe aims to take the lead in the global digital economy, driving sustainable growth and prosperity for the years to come.

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