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Survey on benefits and use cases relevant to indoor positioning

The role of Open Data and open standards for indoor location

pen Data and open standards have traditionally focused on our "outdoor" world. However, the proportion of our day that we spend in indoor spaces is considerable, estimated at up to 90% (on average) of our time.

Up to now, digital support to indoor location applications has lagged well behind outdoor space applications using GPS and GIS technologies. Strengthening access to data resources regarding indoor spaces and fostering open data adoption are key to create wide exploitation opportunities for a variety of emerging businesses leveraging on what are now referred to as Location Based Services or LBS. The i-locate Project ( has addressed this very issue by developing a technology to collect indoor spatial information about indoor spaces, make it discoverable and make it accessible as Open Data.

Take part in the survey that aims to get a current snapshot of the requirements of different stakeholders, so that the organizations will have an up-to-date overview of the market for indoor positioning. The deadline for filling out the survey is 11 February, 2016.

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