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Women in Data Science

2020’s Twenty in Data nominations are extended until 28 August! Nominate a female role model or give yourself a nomination for this annual prize for women in data!

Women in Data UK is a movement in the realm of data science and analytics. The platform provides a space for female and gender diverse data professionals to share their technical knowledge and experiences, and to encourage more diverse representation in the industry.

There is a valid economic justification for increasing female participation at every level in every industry. There is also a moral and societal obligation to ensure that the world of data science has proportional representation. It is imperative that children at every level of education cultivate an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics. To contribute to this goal, role models of the Twenty in Data 2020 can demonstrate how STEM empowers girls, women, and gender diverse individuals to be agents of change.

Women in Data UK works to connect women across the profession, providing mentoring and showcasing for real-world female role models. The organisation is co-founded by Roisin McCarthy and Rachel Keane, and chaired by Payal Jain.

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