Version 2.0 of the European Data Portal now live! |
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El portal oficial de datos europeos

Version 2.0 of the European Data Portal now live!

European Data Portal on the move

Welcome to version 2.0 of the European Data Portal! The European Data Portal is continuously developing new content and features. Version 2.0 went live on 1 March, with a more user-friendly design, new content and new features. Thank you for all the feedback, suggestions and improvements we have received after the launch of version 1.0 of the portal in February 2016. We are happy to give an overview of the new features of the portal that has just gone live.

What major technical changes have been made?

  • The responsiveness of the portal has been improved, allowing users to seamlessly use the portal on each of their devices!
  • New languages on the Portal: did you know that the portal is now available in all 24 official European Union languages?
  • The SPARQL-manager (advanced search) has been enhanced.
  • The Metadata Quality Assessment dashboard has been enhanced with several new functionalities, including a download function and information on licence quality.

What are the main content updates?

  • New design of the homepage with a new menu structure and a different lay-out, resulting in a more user-friendly portal!
  • News items and use cases are easier to find, thanks to the new faceted search function!
  • Many more new use cases: the number of use cases of Open Data is expanding. Currently, over 160 use cases are available on our portal: explore them here!
European Data Portal v2

Click through the portal to discover the changes yourself.