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geoFluxus is an application that connects regional industrial waste producers with respective waste treatment facilities. It is a unique platform that maps, analyses and predicts where, how and which materials can be saved from becoming waste.
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Terraincure Telehealth AppPDF

Terraincure is a Lithuanian initiative that maps out hiking routes, suited for patients recovering from COVID-19, in clean environments worldwide. Around 30% of recovered COVID-19 patients are subsequently diagnosed with respiratory disorders and 10% with circulatory disorders, and other 10% of asymptomatic patients experience long-term effects. By walking on rough terrain with gradual increases in distance and elevation, ideally in an environment unaffected by pollution, the circulatory and respiratory system can be rehabilitated and strengthened.
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Open CourtPDF

Open Court is a website designed to provide information such as the average number of cases a given court handles, the time a case lasts, the court workload, the average budget, and the experience of judges working in court. The website covers 49 courts in Lithuania, including the district courts, the district administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court.

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Improving data publishing by open data portal managers and owners
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Analüütilised aruandedEurope2022
Open data best practices in Europe: Estonia, Slovenia and Ukraine
(2.05 MB - PDF)
Analüütilised aruandedEurope2021
Data sharing as a service: will data services remove intellectual property rights from the picture, and at what cost?
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ePSI platform scoreboard
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Avaandmete kogukondlikud aruandedEurope2017
ePSI Platform PSI Scoreboard
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Register now for our webinar: New business models for data-driven services

Register now for our webinar: New business models for data-driven services

On 1 March 2024 , from 10:00 to 11:00 CET , our webinar on "New b usiness m odels for d ata- d riven s ervices" is set to provide fresh insights into the utilisation of open data. Th e event, building on the data.europa.eu discussion paper , aims to explore how public sector information, when made available as open data, can be purposefully re-used to creat e value for both public and private sectors . In recent years, the focus on open data has shifted towards understanding and meeting end-user needs. Th e webinar will examine the potential of open data in Europe, exploring how it can drive
Five years of RescEU: Strengthening Europe's response to disasters

Five years of RescEU: Strengthening Europe's response to disasters

This year marks the fifth anniversary of RescEU , an initiative by the European Commission that has strengthened disaster response mechanisms across Europe. Established to extend the EU Civil Protection Mechanism , RescEU embodies a deep commitment to protecting citizens from diverse disasters and managing emerging risks effectively. Since its launch in 2019, RescEU has served as a robust reserve of European capacities, fully funded by the EU. This includes a fleet of firefighting aircraft, medical evacuation planes, and critical medical supplies and field hospitals, ready to tackle health
International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024: Empowering change

Celebrating women in science: Breaking barriers for a sustainable future

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science , celebrated on 11 February, highlights the critical role women and girls play in science and technology. This year, the focus is on "Women in Science Leadership: A New Era for Sustainability," recognising their contribution to tackling global challenges such as health and climate change. The diversity in research, brought by women, brings fresh perspectives, talent, and creativity, essential for sustainable development. Despite progress in higher education, women continue to be underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, and
AI and open data ecosystems: A recap of the panel discussions

AI and open data ecosystems: A recap of the panel discussions

Our recent series of panel discussions on AI and open data ecosystems has generated an exceptional level of engagement, with a record number of over 2000 registrations in total for the three sessions. These discussions brought together experts to educate stakeholders in the open data environment about the transformative impact of AI. The panels aimed to shed light on how AI intersects with open data, such as using open data to train AI systems or employing AI to generate new data, while also delving into how EU regulatory proposals could shape this dynamic field. In first panel discussion