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Learn about the key highlights of the webinar ‘Open data maturity 2023: best practices across Europe‘

Celebrating best practices and innovations from Serbia and Slovakia

On Friday 16 February 2024, from 10.00 to 11.30 CET, the data.europa academy hosted the webinar ‘Open data maturity 2023: best practices across Europe‘ which highlighted Slovakia's and Serbia's accomplishments in the field of open data. With nearly 600 registrants, the event underscored the growing interest and commitment to open data across the continent. An expert from data.europa.eu initiated the session by presenting the ODM results, setting the stage for in-depth country analyses.  

Following this introduction, the narrative shifted to Serbia. In just two years, Serbia demonstrated remarkable progress, especially in portal features. A Serbian representative delved into their successful strategies for building political and community support, and the implementation of robust processes that increased the quality of their open data, aligning with the policy and quality dimensions of the ODM methodology. 

 Following Serbia's insights, Slovakia shared their innovative approach, which included adopting an open-source data pipeline from the Czech Republic to enhance metadata quality. They also discussed their impact assessment methodology, which has led to their notable 98% impact score and aligns with the quality, portal, and impact dimensions of the ODM methodology. These strategies have placed Slovakia at the forefront of open data maturity. 

 The webinar wrapped up with an interactive Q&A session, providing an opportunity for attendees to clarify their queries. Presentations from both countries provided valuable insights into their strategies and practices underpinning their success, emphasising the crucial roles of effective policy, impactful portals, and quality data. The webinar not only highlighted Serbia and Slovakia's achievements but also established a precedent for enhancing open data maturity across Europe, encouraging a collaborative approach to innovation and transparency in the digital age. 

To learn more about the insights of this webinar, you can watch the recording and consult the slides on data.europa academy. 

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