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The United Nations model that helps combat COVID-19 presents the model and projections

In a previous news feature, we introduced the UN OCHA-Bucky project that began in March 2020. The project is a collaboration between the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and the Centre for Humanitarian Data to help combat the current COVID-19 pandemic in humanitarian aid areas. 

OCHA-Bucky is a model that predicts the number of cases, hospitalisations, and deaths over the coming weeks and helps in the decision making process on a short-term and operational basis, thereby protecting and saving people amidst this humanitarian crisis. In an online event late October, the model was presented in more detail and some of its initial results were evaluated.

OCHA-Bucky is designed to facilitate projections at the national level, over a short-term with frequent updates, and at the same time, it measures the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions. The webinar recording, webinar slides, model code and documentation, and the projections of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan are online now.

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